david and goliath painted by the healing smile project

Healing Mural painting

  The arts have long been an avenue of holistic healing for humans since man first began to draw on cave walls. The Healing Mural Painting project enables us to spread the joy of art to children who are undergoing difficulties in their health. We encourage parents and those close to children who are experiencing deleterious or severe health issues to apply for this program. Kids chosen by us will receive a mural wall painting completely free of charge. Numerous studies have shown that humans respond to their environment, either positively or negatively. When someone is placed in an environment of beauty and joy, spirits are lifted and healing is encouraged. It is our desire to spread joy and healing through art by providing uplifting and fun works of art for children who desperately need it.   We look forward to sharing not only the joys of creating art, but appreciation of art with others. We feel incredibly grateful that we have the opportunity to spread to feeling to children who are in need. Our mural experts will design a work of art with the child’s interests and hobbies in mind. The goal is to create a harmonious joyful place, a haven where the child’s imagination and spirits can soar. Being able to see a world without sickness and death, of joy and laughter, is invaluable to children who are in going through troubled times.   Love and laughter are some of the most restorative medicines that no money can buy. If there is a child in your life who is experiencing a major health issue and could use some cheering up, please apply for our program. We would like to help if we can. Modern medicine can treat the body, but it cannot treat the spirit. It is up to the people around the child to provide healing for the soul. Let us help!
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